7 Neon Lights to Use in Your Bedroom

Neon lights first achieved popularity during the early 1900s where they were used to light drive-in restaurants and soda shops. They were also used during the 1980s for parties and even costumes during rock concerts. Fast forward a couple of decades, and they are still quite popular in this day and age.

Neon lights give off a classic vibe and can be used in various home decoration projects. One such project would be bedroom decorations. By using them, you will be able to add a great deal of flair and character to your bedroom. Here are 7 Neon Lights to Use in Your Bedroom.

LED Neon Flex Mini

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One of the most common objects you can find in a bedroom is headboards and mirrors. They are some of the first things a visitor’s eyes will see. So it makes sense that you use neon lights to spruce them up. However, most headboards and mirrors have varying sizes. Some can be quite large, but most are medium and small-sized. So if you are going to use neon lights, it should be a smaller size version.

The LED Neon Flex Mini fits these specifications perfectly. It is smaller in size compared to other ones, however, it is just as customizable and flexible as its full-size counterparts. This version is best used for scenarios where smaller profiles are needed. It has a minimum bending diameter of 30mm and is perfect for constructing neon letters, lightings, and other types of graphics.

When you add these neon lights to your headboard, it is important that you don’t overdo it. Just line the edges of the headboard, and use lights that are not too bright or glaring. The same can be said when you line your mirrors with neon lights. Overall, when it comes to lining your headboard and mirrors, it always pays use to the LED Neon Flex Mini.

LED Neon Flex Landscape

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Aside from lining your furniture with neon lights, you can also use them to create specific shapes. Neon lights have evolved over the years, and they are a lot more flexible and easier to install. Ginde Star, has developed lights that are not only durable but easily customizable as well. The LED Neon Flex Landscape is perfect for creating beautiful shapes of varying detail and effects.

This product offers up to 120 LEDs, which makes it perfect for luminous lighting that will make your designs as visible as possible. This product is exceptionally flexible and can be twisted and curved to fit specific and detailed designs. Due to its exceptional and sturdy design, the product could last for over 30,000 hours. Overall, the LED NEON Flex Landscape is a versatile lighting tool.

LED Neon Flex RGBW

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If you are looking for a truly multi-faceted neon light option, you should try the LED Neon Flex RGBW. It is a combination of various neon light features, that make it a truly superior and innovative neon light option. When it comes to the LED Neon Flex RGBW, its greatest attribute is its vast selection of colors, which allows you to create a bevy of color combinations.

When you use the LED Neon Flex RGBW, you should experiment with as many colors as possible. Don’t limit your color palette to basic colors. Let out your creativity, and use a variety of colors in your designs. This does not mean that you just randomly mix colors. This approach will only make your room look chaotic. Instead, you should make sure that the colors are coordinated and complement one another.

Your colors should also complement your bedroom’s overall theme. For example, your bedroom’s main theme is minimalist. So you should avoid using bright colors like red or green. Instead, you should use more mellow colors such as white or peach. When it comes to selecting a color combination, you should experiment first. With the LED Neon Flex RGBW, you will be able to experiment to your heart’s content.

LED Neon Flex Linear

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The LED Flex Linear has an even and linear exterior that offers a smoother lighting effect than other neon lights. This type of neon lights is best used for outlining buildings and commercial lighting functions. They are also great for neon signs and lettering.

Inspirational phrases are always a great form of bedroom decoration. So if you have a favorite phrase or verse from a certain book, you can use neon lights to highlight them. By using the LED Flex Linear to the phrases, they can act as a great source of light within your room. It is also a very comforting sight, to see your favorite verse or phrase shining through the darkness.

The LED Flex Linear is very flexible and can be shaped into specific letters. All you need is the right wall support, and power source and you’ll have a great neon-lit phrase in no time.

LED Neon Flex Pixel

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The LED Neon Flex Pixel is a sturdy lighting option that could be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The product is made of very tough PVC and silicon materials and is capable of taking a great deal of damage. Its main feature though is its vast color options, which allow you to control them via remote control.

By using the LED Neon Flex Pixel you will be able to set the mood for your bedroom. For example, you want your bedroom to have a certain warmth and comforting ambiance, you should use neon lights that have a cool glow. Avoid neon lights that are too bright and glaring.

The LED Neon Flex Pixel can be controlled remotely, so you have the option to lower the glow according to your taste. This feature can make your room look more welcoming. You can also install neon lights that can twinkle or light up rhythmically. This will give your room a more whimsical quality. All in all, the LED Neon Flex Pixel is a multifaceted neon light that will add layers to your bedroom design.

LED Neon Flex RGB

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Aside from providing a great light source for your bedroom, neon lights can also be used to highlight other features in your room. Plants are especially attractive choices because they provide a certain vibrancy and freshness to any decoration.

By adding neon lights to the plant life in your room, you will be able to incorporate a whole new element to your bedroom design. However, if you are going to add neon lights to your room, you should make sure that they are as sturdy as possible. Some plants such as Cacti have thorns and could pierce your neon lights.

This is where the LED Neon Flex RGB comes in handy. It is by far the most sturdy and dependable of all light products. It is specifically designed to function in the roughest terrain and can handle the harshest conditions. Aside from its sturdy design, the product also has sophisticated color-changing capabilities. This makes it a dependable and efficient decorating option.

LED Strip Lights

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The LED Strip Lights are by far the lightest and the most versatile of neon lights. Unlike its heavier and more covered counterparts, the LED Strip Lights are highly customizable and can be cut into various shapes, lengths, and dimensions. You can also choose the type of LED chip that they will use, and the type of lighting, and bendability level it will have. When it comes to decorating your bedroom, this is an efficient and more affordable lighting option.


Neon lights have been used in decorations for decades now, and their functions evolve every year. They add a sense of flair and character to any room. These lights are especially great for bedroom decorations because they can be used to highlight specific parts of the room. With these 7 kinds of lights, you’ll be able to decorate your bedroom in the best way possible.


Q: What is the Best Lighting for a bedroom?

A: – This is the best choice for low ceilings of 9 feet or less. – To prevent unpleasant glare while lying in bed, choose a fixture that has a covered bottom. … – Frosted or marbled fixtures are best for the bedroom, as clear fixtures are a bit too bright for the space. – A remote control means you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light.

Q: What are the best LED strip lights for bedroom?

A: Best all-around LED Strip Lights: TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Strip Best LED Strip Lights for bedrooms: Govee LED Strip Lights Best LED Strip Lights for streamers: Elgato LED Light Strip Best budget LED Strip Light: Govee LED Wi-Fi Strip Lights Best Philips Hue Strip Lights: Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

Q: How to decorate your room with neon lights?

A: Neon lights will help all women to decorate the room in accordance with their nature. Decorate your room with neutral colors by adding a discreet sign. Choose one word or sign, let it represent you or your personal space. It is best for it to also be in a neutral tone and to match the rest of the interior.

Q: Which Neon is best neon?

A: Neon make up and body paint – Having your face and body painted in neon colors is a great way to glow under black lights and is a fun addition to your awesome neon party outfit. Learn what make up glows best under black lights and get creative with some invisible ink pen designs.