5 Things You Can Do To Give Your Kitchen A Rustic Look

A cozy and warm look in the heart of your home can be one of the best features of your house. As much as we love the modern kitchens and their practicality there is something about the antique and rustic kitchens which keep pulling us back.

Wood, warm yellow lights, twine, and ceramic plates scream rustic! Designing your kitchen in a rustic way is all fun and games but you don’t want to stuff it with wood. That’s the tricky part. Adding a pop of color to balance the darker rustic tones is very necessary.

Antique cabinets, hanging lanterns on an antique dining table or stone Island and some vintage backsplash tiles are just matchless. The place where your family comes together should be filled with warmth and love and there is just something about the modern minimalistic kitchens that take away the warmth.

kitcheninfinity.com found 10 ways to give your kitchen the perfect rustic look!

1. Wood Is Your Best Friend

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Wood is the easiest way to give your kitchen a rustic look. Use it in the ceiling, the walls, and the floor. Anywhere you can think of, to be honest, it may cost you a fortune, but with wood, you either go big or you go home!

Woods for the kitchen comes in different textures, colors, and materials. You can either choose a dark wood or go towards light wood, both are amazing. For a rustic look, we suggest that you go with dark wood with lots of textures.

Make your cabinets from wood completely and give them designs from the 19th century and you’ll see how big of a change all of this will make. Don’t polish the wood and let its natural beauty enhance your kitchen. The best part? You can always sand the top layer and reveal a brand new layer. To increase longevity, you can apply wood sealant.

2. Custom Cabinetry or DIY Antiquing

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Cabinets take up almost 40% of space in our kitchen, if you give them a rustic look your kitchen will definitely be giving all the antique vibes! You can go for custom cabinets of Redwood or Oak or any other type of wood whose natural texture is fit for a rustic kitchen. If you already have cabinets installed and want to go rustic but not spend too much money, then you can go for refacing. The difference between cabinet refacing vs painting is simply that you don’t kill the vibe in refacing (Talking particularly about rustic looks)

If you want to do a DIY, all you need is some sandpaper, start sanding your cabinets until the shine has faded away. Once that is done take an antiquing glaze and apply all over it. Apply the topcoat and voila!

And if you have already a darker floor, then you should definitely go with lighter cabinets to balance things off. Otherwise, you’re going to be left with a very dark kitchen.

3. Rustic Accessories

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If you are a little low on the budget, this is the best hack! There are many things that are associated with an antique kitchen. Like adding some wooden stools to your Island, using twine covered cabinet handles (you can do this to your existing handles just with some twine and glue), incorporating salvaged items in your kitchen, displaying your pottery and crocks in open shelves, and much more. Even mason jars can come in handy here, use them as storage boxes and place them on open shelves.

A lot of people do DIYs when it comes to accessories. You can do it too. You can take a big branch off a dead tree, decorate it with fairy lights, and put it in your kitchen. It’ll definitely add a wintery and cozy feel to your kitchen at all times.

4.19th Century Hanging Lanterns

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A vintage lantern hanging on top of the island is what will pull the whole rustic look together. A classical pottery barn metal rod pendant light will also look amazing in a rustic kitchen but there’s just something about lanterns that reminds us of the early 19th century of French Kitchens. The focused light on your island will also make it a great workstation and cutting station, so make sure that if you are spending money you buy the right thing.

Just make sure to light up your kitchen properly when you’re going for a rustic look. You can go rustic and still have a very well lit kitchen. Underlights on cabinets will add warmth to your kitchen and will give it a cozy vibe. Adding under lights on your kitchen island/table will also add that extra worn-out yet modern look to your kitchen.

5. Paved Brick Floors

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Wooden floors maybe all the hype, but have you ever looked at paved brick floors? Absolutely gorgeous! This is my personal favorite in an antique kitchen, the color, and most importantly the style they add to the kitchen is remarkable. It adds everything you need in a rustic kitchen; warmth, color, texture, and an attractive pattern all at once! You can incorporate a design in your kitchen by applying them vertically, horizontally, or anything you want.

Also, it costs almost $10 less than marble floors on average!

BUT the one thing you should be careful about is the temperature of the area you live in. If you have longer and harsher summers, you wouldn’t want a brick kitchen because you’ll technically be making a life brick oven for yourself. If the weather is hot, go ahead and use wood veneers as floor. It will look rustic but keep the temperature in check.

Remember, the key to a rustic kitchen is imperfection, worn-out, finely aged, and textured materials. But while you’re at it, make sure that you choose the things which are good for your kitchen. Kitchen shelving, handles, backsplash, and every small detail matters! Good luck revamping your kitchen, if you have some more ideas let us know.


Q: What to do with a rustic kitchen theme?

A: The nicest thing to do with a rustic kitchen theme is to blend the old and the new. You may not use the old, rustic, paint-chipping cabinets, but you can add more rustic value to the cabinets’ countertops. The polished pine wood looks incredible sitting on the top of the light green shade cabinets.

Q: What is rustic kitchen design?

A: Rustic is indeed a combination of cottage and farmhouse interiors, but rustic kitchen ideas can be extended to a new level like adding a modern touch on the lamps. The lighting fixtures are designed to bring out the warmth of the natural feeling from the cabinets’ woods. The caramel brown of pinewood matches the white color perfectly.

Q: What is rustic-themed kitchen?

A: Rustic-themed kitchen is a beautiful combination of country cottage and farmhouse decoration. The mixture of those inspirations gives birth to unique new colors, textures, and forms. If you are interested in applying the idea to your kitchen, especially the cabinets, here are 23 pictures of rustic kitchen cabinets you should definitely see:

Q: Why choose white cabinets for your rustic kitchen?

A: Installing white cabinets is a great way to feel luxurious while still maintaining a rustic atmosphere through the exposed bricks backsplash and wood planks chimney. One of the characteristics of rustic design is its country cottage feeling.