Painted Cross Stitch Wall Mural DIY – Make Your Bedroom Beautiful

So you may have seen this image floating around Pinterest or general cyberspace…

This bedroom belongs to the fantastically talented Dutch Artist and Illustrator Eline Pellinkhof . Her cute and creative casa was featured here.

Her home is warm and full of interesting nooks and crannies… but it is this painted wall that really got my creative juices flowing… maybe even turned those juices little green because ‘why didn’t I think if that?!’ But any-who I am glad that she shared her lovely home and let me in on one of her great ideas.

Thought I’d give it a try and let you all know how I did it.

Ok general run-through and some pointers. First, go online and find a cross-stitch pattern that appeals to you. Then roughly sketch that onto a piece of paper. Take your markers and play around with the placement and colors of the cross-stitched pattern. Better to give it a couple of goes on the paper then have it turn out wrong on the wall.

Once you get the layout you want, lightly sketch it on the wall. I just drew a large circle to get a feel of the placement, then moved onto the details like petal placement and leaves. Start with your perimeter outline of ‘stitches’. You can be as precise or as loose as you want with the size and layout.

Make sure to step back many times to see how the overall design is turning out. I gave my ‘stitches’ many layers of paint. I finished to flower then moved on to the leaves and stem. Don’t forget to give the flower highlights and shadows by using different shades of color.

I love it. It is moody yet playful and I was surprised by how well the colors worked with my existing paint color. My lonely corner is no longer lonely… it has a permanent flower to brighten its day… not like my wall gives a hoot… but I do and I love it.