Top 5 Best Smart Locks 2024 – Reviews

With the advancement of technology, our daily life is getting smarter day by day. And, a smart lock is definitely an innovative addition of science.

There are thousands of modern door locks available to make your home secure. But, you can be easily misguided and choose the wrong one if you can’t research the market perfectly. Moreover, some modern features of these locks may not suit you.

Don’t panic! I have researched for hours and made a well-described list of top 5 smart locks 2024 so that you could pick the right lock for the right door.

Without further delay, let’s check their features, pros, and cons for discovering the best smart lock for your door.

Introducing top 5 smart locks 2024

Smart locks are really smart. You don’t need to find the keys to open the door. According to SecureONE, smart locks are the most innovative and newest addition to the door lock family.  Because these ultramodern locks can be locked and unlocked using passwords, fingerprints, or even with your cell phone. Also, they could be unlocked by voice command.

1. August smart lock


August smart lock is dominating the marketplace with its stunning features at an affordable price. People are using August’s product for many years and you will hardly find any complaint about the security they provide.

The stylish appearance of these smart locks makes them attractive and also increases the overall beauty of your door. Apart from aesthetics, these locks offer keyless locking and unlocking features so it can automatically lock and unlock by detecting your appearance.

Moreover, these automatic locking and the unlocking feature will save your time and help you concentrate on what you’re doing. Additionally, you can use your smartphone to lock and unlock the door. The voice control managing system makes the lock further special.

The good news is that you can also use your smartwatch for controlling the lock smoothly. As a result, you don’t need to pull out your phone every time to open the door. Furthermore, you can add guest key settings to give access to your guest for a limited time. Don’t worry! You can set the time limit.

The activities feed and alert features will allow you to know when people coming and going through the door.


  1. Smart home kit compatibility
  2. Easy to use
  3. Guest access
  4. Simple installation
  5. Auto-lock and unlock features


  1. The battery is not long-lasting

2. Ultraloq U-bolt pro


If you looking to get a smart lock that balances its features with its price, then you can put your trust in this amazing lock. The most amazing feature of this U-Bolt pro is that it has 6 different ways to lock and unlock. So, choose the lock-unlocking system that suits you well.

Besides, this versatile lock has a stunning look and you will be amazed by the flexibility and simplicity of the lock. The standard numeric keypads are perfect for setting short-time passcode for maid, visitors or service provides. This time-based feature is will eliminate the complexity of using this kind of smart lock.

Also, the high-quality fingerprint scanner system ensures tight security. It can be used with Google-home and Alexa for voice command lock and unlock facility.


  1. Long-lasting battery life
  2. 6 locking system
  3. Compact integration


  1. Complicated installation process

3. Nest X Yale lock with nest connect


If you are a fan of Google nest eco-system and currently enjoying its smart devices like doorbells, security cameras, then this smart lock is the ultimate choice for you. It combines nest IOT features with Yale lock reliability to offer your best services.

This amazing lock can be controlled from anywhere and anytime with a nest mobile phone. Moreover, it has some amazing features like auto-lock, one-touch locking, and information of the persons locking and unlocking the door.

You will get extra facilities if you had the nest-cam outdoor and nest hello doorbells. These things will help you to see who is knocking at the door. Amazing, isn’t it?  Moreover, the smart lock can automatically stop the security alarm system. Hands-free Google assistant controlling features will make it even more convenient.


  1. Top-notch build quality
  2. logs for keeping track
  3. Cooperate with other nest home device


  1. Only for Google

4. August smart lock pro


Yes, August is a special name in the smart lock world and that’s why we have chosen 2 August’s smart locks in our top 5 smart locks list. This pro lock offers incredible security, convenience, and functionality to provide you a peaceful sleep. No matter how expert hackers or intruders try to break the lock, eventually, they will fail.

That’s because this lock never compromises with the security they provide. Moreover, this lock has an eye-catching appearance that is designed by a renowned designer. Simplicity is the main theme of this special design.

In addition to that, this pro lock has uncomplicated installation and operation. You can control the smart lock with Google, Alexa, and apple voice command. It is also integrated with your smart home kit so that you can lock and unlock it automatically when you arrive or leave.

This lock sent notifications or warns you when the door remains open for a certain amount of time.


  1. Guestlist feature
  2. compatible with Google, Amazon, and Apple home kit
  3. AA Batteries notify you when they are low
  4. Bluetooth and wireless connectivity


  1. Requires an existing cylindrical deadlock on your door.

5. Luckily secure pro


This is the best biometric smart door lock in the marketplace. Because of the 3D finger-lock system, it provides unbreakable security to your home doors. Luckily has a sleek touch screen design to enhance the beauty of the door. However, for more convenience, the fingerprint sensor is located at the side of the smart lock.

The most amazing thing about this lock is that its level of security doesn’t limit to the fingerprint sensor, rather, it is designed with a patented pick-proof keypad locking facility. So, no one can even guess your lock pattern.

You can also control the lock with the lock app and the high-quality lock is also compatible with Google and Alexa home kit.


  1. Pick-proof modern keypad
  2. Top-quality 3D fingerprint sensor
  3. Elegant design


  1. Installation is complex due to the large size

Buy your favorite smart lock now


If you don’t want to compromise with security and have the ability to spend a handsome amount of money, then Lockly secure pro is for you. However, there are also some budget smart locks in the above list which provide satisfactory performance.

I hope this article on the top 5 smart locks 2024 will help you to make your mind and choose the most suitable smart lock for your home.


Q: What is a smart lock and how do they work?

A: – Know who’s coming or going. You can make up to 30 unique access codes for everyone who needs to get into your house, from the babysitter to dogsitter to your … – Keep your packages safe. … – Create guest codes for visitors. … – Create custom rules. … – Lock your door with the sound of your voice. …

Q: What are the features of a smart lock?

A: Smart lock with Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere – no additional accessories required. … WORKS WITH ALEXA: Check the status of your lock and lock/unlock your door. … Fingerprint-resistant,capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. …

Q: Which smart lock should you buy?

A: Best smart door locks: Editor’s note: We’ll be sure to update our list of the best smart door locks as we test new options. August Wi-Fi smart lock. The August Wi-Fi smart lock is up first,and this fabled option is on its fourth generation. … Schlage Sense. … Nest x Yale. … Lockly Secure Pro. … Kwikset Premis smart door lock. … Wyze Lock. … Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. …

Q: How to enable smart lock?

A: Select the Security&Location option Tap on Smart Lock Enter your PIN,pattern,or password A new screen with choices for Smart Lock options will appear