10 Best Mic Preamps Under $500 2024 – Upgrade Your Signal Path

Best Mic Preamps Under $500

Using a quality microphone preamp is one device that would help in powering up your microphone when you perform or when you record but there are several factors that you need to consider when choosing the one that is good for you. These factors include: Price point Ins and Outs Types of preamp Number of … Read more

Best Cheap Microphone For Gaming – 2024 Buying Guide

Most people have this wrong idea that all microphones are microphones but that is totally wrong as there are microphones for a special or particular activity. The microphone for podcasting and recording isn’t the same as that for vocals and the same can also be said about gaming microphones. Making use of just any microphone … Read more

Best Video Camera under $200 – Buying Guide (2024)

Working hard and fulfilling our dreams is part of everyone’s goal in life but it is also necessary that we should capture these moments so we can go always go back and reflect on them. The best way of saving such moments for a lifetime is by using a quality and reliable video camera but … Read more