DIY Anthropologie Stripe Moss Cardigan

liked it, loved it… knew there had to be a way to make it. This sweater is all about the details

seems doable… I had a favorite sweater that needed a bit of sprucing up. It is a bright yellow abstract pattern (instead of the stripes above)… so I just found some yellow/white yarn in my notions closet and went with it. Here we go.

Tips & Pointers: I was lucky enough to have yarn on hand that went with the cardigan that I wanted to embellish. I recommend selecting a complimentary yarn, something that has one of the colors of the sweater in it. Also, it is much quicker if you have a needle with a much larger hole. Make it easy on yourself… otherwise threading it will be virtually impossible and a huge pain in the heiny.

It really is much simpler than it looks. Just thread you needle and loop stitch in a circle pattern and add some knots to the center. It goes much quicker if you double thread it. What I mean is snip off a piece of yarn, thread the needle, pull the yarn so that the needle is at the halfway point and then knot the ends. Add as many or as little ‘moss’ embellishments. I might add a few more, but for now I am happy with how this turned out.

Well, me and the babies are off for a visit to great grandma’s house. ‘Off the grandmother’s house we go… fa la la la la la’. (in tune with ‘follow the yellow brick road)