Kitchen Sign: Make a Vintage Kitchen Sign DIY 2024

Love the look of vintage signs like me, but don’t want to pay the non-vintage price tag? Make it yourself! I love all the cute kitchen decor that is out there today but I can’t see paying a pretty penny for them.

They spend their life in the kitchen doomed to get dirty or broken by busy little fingers, so priceless heirlooms are a no-go. This DIY is super easy and you are limited only by your imagination. After this I think I will make a whole wall of words like Yummy, Eat Here, Baked Goods etc. Enjoy!

Follow the steps above! Don’t be afraid to break the popsicle sticks in half to fit the different letters. To add a distressed effect I lightly wiped away some of the turquoise paint and then brushed it with coppery gold pants.

Love it! It totally has the effect I was going for. Can’t wait to make some more vintage-looking kitchen signs!

Here is a quick snapshot of part of the remodeled kitchen. My retro stove to the right and a handmade industrial cart with crates. I just went to Matilda’s Mouse and found this fabulous bottle rack, while it is not vintage I still love it. I got the cart at The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow… can’t wait for the next show in September!