DIY Turban (No Tie) Headband – Best Accessory for Head

Ok, I might lose some of you on this one. ‘Wait what??? A Turban??!?!’  you might be saying right now. Yes, a turban… a turban headband that is! Turbans have become quite popular these days with the super fashionistas, I just try to follow in suit with a more do-able ‘me’ version. Hear me out. Let’s look at some eye candy before you write me off with all this crazy turban talk.

Are you starting to feel me a little? Kinda cool huh?! I really dig the whole mussed hair bohemian vibe. So I you-tubed videos on how to tie a turban with a scarf did it and hated it.

I had a hard time getting the turban to stay and I didn’t like how it bunched at the back of my head. It only stayed if I used a gazillion bobby pins or tied it so tight my eyeballs were popping out. Not fun.

But I still really like the look, so…… hummm. What about a headband instead of a whole scarf?

So I scrounged through my scrap fabrics and found half of a bandana and a silky floral print. See below for how I made it, followed by tips and tricks…

*Cut two strips about 4″ in width and 20″ in length.

*Fold them in half and twist them over each other.

*Hot glue the twist area to the top center of the headband. I picked up a pack of three from the dollar store. I recommend getting the headbands that are made of flexible plastic with an elastic closure.

*Fold-over each fabric end and hot glue to the base of the headband. Try to keep it neat, and trim off any extra if needed. Repeat to all four fabric ends.

Bingo bongo. Plop on top of your bed head and you are ready to go. You chic thang you.

Thanks for stopping by! My little monster is really giving me the run around these days. Hope it’s just a phase and I’m not blessed with a full-blow diva princess.