Bleach Tanks – Embellishing Clothes With Bleach

Soooo anywho.

I needed to update my summer wardrobe and didn’t want to spend much $$$. I was at good ol’ Wally Mart doing some shopping and spotted these plain tanks on sale of $3. Three bucks!

So I scooped up a variety of colors not really sure what I was going to do with them. Sure they are fine by themselves, but that wouldn’t be very crafty now would it?

So once at home, I futzed around looking through my closets for ‘stuff’ to spice things up a bit.

Buttons? Do not feel those.

Ribbon? Ummm maybe on Lou’s shirts.

I didn’t really want to break out the sewing machine and Lou was out playing on the beach (our sandbox is ‘the beach’), so I needed to do something outside. I didn’t have any dye so what is the next best thing? Bleach… lavender-scented. So here is my attempt at painting with bleach.

Tips & Pointers: Do this outside. It is bleach, Nuff said. Gloves maybe? Just be careful ok… I sketched out my design first on paper so I could get a feel of what I was shooting for. Just look up some inspiration online. I searched for ikat patterns to get a tribal feel. Then go slowly unless you want bleach spots all over the place.

The more bleach you use the lighter it will get, but it will never turn white.. it will always be a reddish/orange-ish color. I sprinkled water in a few places to blur the lines a bit, just to mix it up. I really like how this turned out.

It is great for summer but it will also be nice for fall paired under a sweater or jacket. A little more sophisticated than just a straight-up tie die. Even though I really love tie-dye.

I had some bleach leftover and I didn’t really feel like pouring it back into the container so I striped up another tank. Just simple stripes. I got a little messy and had some drops here and there so I decided to add the splatter effect after.

Fun right? You really go could all nilly willy with this one.

Hope your week is going well so far. The hubs are heading up to do some cow roping this weekend and I have a BIG HUGE AWESOME project that I am working on. Just a little teaser.

I will post about it tomorrow 😉