Easy Christmas Decorating: Bookcase Holiday Ideas

These built-in bookcases have been the best addition to our living room. The husband gets to feel accomplished by having built them himself and I get to decorate them. When I feel like futzing around I just shuffle the shelving arrangements and I feel like I have really done something with the day. Just kidding.

But decorating these behemoths is a real treat. They are the very first thing you see when you enter our living room so I wanted to do something festive but not overwhelming. Here is what I came up with.

A string of twinkle lights bunched up on top in front of three antiqued mirrors. Twinkle lights already have such a pleasant glow, but when they are magnified in front of old mirrors the feeling is just magical. And yes, that is my husband’s gun up there on display. He stuck that in and I didn’t notice until I was finished editing these photos. Oh well.

Is that a coffee filter wreath? NO! It is a paper napkin wreath ;). Can you believe that I ran out of coffee filters?! Those suckers usually last a crafter a lifetime, but of course, when I was down to my last 4 that’s when I decided I wanted to make a wreath.

So I improvised by opening up four or five paper napkins (plain white), scrunched them all together and pinned them to a foam wreath form. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Once it had the fullness I liked I took it outside and gave it a couple of sporadic sprays of white, then silver and finally bronze paint.

While the paint was still wet I used buffalo snow glitter (the really chunky large flake iridescent kind), and threw a couple of handfuls on it. I love it. Creative right?!

Simple gold bead garlands (one large bead, two small), red faux poinsettia and foliage in a mercury glass vase and glass cone trees complete the bookcase decorations. I really like how the twinkle lights reflect off the mirrors and shine up and through the two glass trees.

i didn’t plan this out, it was just a happy accident 😉

Sprinkle in a few festive accessories throughout the shelves and then call it quits. Time for some eggnog. The real kind. The spiked kind.

Thanks for stopping by! A few more ornament DIYs are still to come. Just had to take a little time out to decorate the house. I prefer to get that all done before the 1st so I can enjoy the decorations for the entire month and not stress about it.