2 Minute DIY Tassel Earrings – Super Easy & Super Quick

Ready for a super easy & super quick DIY? I literally did these in two minutes and the results are fantastic! Hope you enjoy it!

What you need: A pair of tassels. You can make your own if you are THAT ambitious… but I just picked up some at Hobby Lobby for $2.50. And that was for TWO pairs of tassels. Need to make a gift for anyone?

You will also need some earring posts/hoops. I love the shape of these earring hangers shown below. They are again from Hobby Lobby for a whopping $2.50… for two pairs. And lastly, you will need some trusty scissors.

What to do: Open everything up and lay it out 🙂 … obvious right?! Then cut to tassel loop in half, thread through the earring hoop hole and double knot. Lastly trim off the excess thread. Done! Tough one.

So pretty and I love this color. It is so vibrant and flashy!

Ummm is that your boob?!


That is my baby boy sleeping in his sling. Yes, I literally did this DIY in 2 minutes while wearing a baby and standing in the baby pool on the patio talking to my two year old! Mama Mia

What a handsome guy. Notice how the tassel earrings just pop! It is that great color.

Decided to do another one.

These ones are a little fancier. A little larger with some glittery threads. Love how they look against the color of my hair. Date night anyone?!

The key to this DIY is to find fun tassels. I was lucky to find some I liked at my local Hobby Lobby, but I think I am going to check out some online sources like MJ Trims or Kravet. They will be more pricy, but the selection is huge!