Hot Air Balloon Paper Lantern – Decorate for Baby Room

I am so excited to meet him and frankly, I am sooooo over being pregnant. We plan on having Lou and the baby share a room while they are little and I currently love how Lou’s room is decorated but the fact is… it is a little girly.

I want to stay far away from the split-up ‘boy side & ‘girl side’  feeling that many shared gender rooms have, but I do need to add a few more neutral or ‘boy’ features to the room.

With that being said I came up with this quick craft to create and hang above the baby’s crib. A little more creative than a traditional mobile and super easy to make and personalize. So here we go… hope you enjoy this quick craft. BTW this would be absolutely perfect to make for an outside fiesta during the summer 🙂  crafting is not just for babies

What you need: Chinese paper lanterns. I picked up mine at Micheal’s in the dollar bins. You will also need some craft paint, a paintbrush, twine, string or ribbon and something to use for the ‘basket’. I have these little favor pails that I also got from Micheal’s. They were less than a dollar each. But feel free to make your own box out of paper for a quick and easy alternative.

Paper lanterns make it so easy! Just assemble the two parts together and decide which ‘wedges’ you want to decorate.

I am keeping it very simple by painting alternating wedges. You could mod podge fabric or paper on to the wedges as well. Just go slow with painting because the paper becomes fragile when wet and you don’t want to tear or puncture the lantern.

Simple right? Just paint the wedges and hang to dry for a few minutes.

Then I strung my colored ribbon threw the two lantern hoops and threw the favor pail’s handle. Add some ribbon to the top and you are ready to go!

So simple, so cute, so quick…. my kind of nursery or party decorations.

Very whimsical don’t you think? Whimsical without all the fairy & unicorn cheesiness.

I added some felt in the pails for contrast. Colored paper or little trinkets would also be a great idea. Hope you enjoyed this quick craft idea!

Have yourself a great end to the week. The in-laws are in town for me and are keeping the wee one distracted so I have a feeling that lots of crafting will be completed this weekend. Hooray!