DIY Colander Light Fixture – Top Lamp for Your Kitchen 2024

Alright, ladies. Are you ready to see my tried and true, red-blooded American, hill-billy red neck side? A little hick and a whole lotta country. Well, here it is.

Yes, that is a colander hanging from my ceiling. Not just one, but three of these cute little suckers now adorn my kitchen. I have been searching and searching for that perfect shade.

Something with a lot of personalities, a quaint vintage feel, and purely me. Who would think it would be found in the kitchen utensil section of Target. There they were, these cute stainless steel and white enamel beauts.

At only $8.99 a piece, all three of these together cost much less than one of the (absolutely presh but $$$) Barn Light Electric or School House Electric fixtures/shades. Those two companies are always on my design radar, I just don’t have the budget.

Plus I suffer from a debilitating home decorating syndrome called ‘very impulsive-can’t wait another day-even overnight shipping can’t satisfy my need to get this thing done-RIGHT NOW!’. Don’t worry it’s not contagious. There is a support network for us though, it’s called Pinterest & Houzz 🙂

Here are the deets. I have three of these hanging pendants from Home Depot installed in my kitchen. @ only $15 a pop. I had some grand DIY ideas for these little fellas.

First I held up the colander up to the white socket part and traced around the perimeter. You want to be able to fit the colander up snug against the half dome, with the white socket poking through. It comes with a plastic nut to hold a shade in place. So essentially you want the colander to be sandwiched in between the two.

Very interesting that the holes line up for my circle.

This part is tricky. It can be done in multiple ways. If you are like me and are lucky enough to have a husband that has a plasma cutter (perfect for stainless steel), cut away my darling. Just don’t look directly at the light without protective eyewear!

But I realize most ppl don’t have plasma cutters. Most will have a hand drill handy, though. So, put in a new drill bit and drill some holes between the colander holes till you can whack out the center with a hammer.

Or, if you have strong tin snips, cut away.

WARNING: It doesn’t matter how you do it, just be careful! The metal can be super sharp, so wearing gloves is recommended!

SO cute. I adore that this colander’s holes are in the shape of a flower/mini x’s. The patteren that appears on the ceiling and walls when the light is on is just plain FUN! An adult night light 🙂

Perfect size, low cost, completely customized. A diy dream. What do you think? Country kitchen thumbs up?

We are doing a few touch ups around the house and the hubs recently finished the vintage tin ceiling. I painted out the edges in dark brown, which I think complements all the rust. Ha.

That’s a funny statement. Compliments the rust.

All my shabby chic sistas feel me on that one. Pound it.

Yes, it is true. I love rust.

Complete kitchen tour coming soon.