DIY Fabric Backsplash – Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Budget

I’m at it again, I can’t leave well enough alone. It could be the changing of the seasons or it could be my impulsive decorating nature, but I decided that the kitchen could use a little spicing up. And let me tell ya, it’s getting hot in heeeerrr. The rest of our house has a southern cali Spanish feel, so I thought I’d incorporate that style a little bit more. And what does that mean? Lots of colors, patterns, natural and rustic elements and plenty of brass or gold accents.

After many evenings spent interesting I fell in love with the richly patterned cast cement tiles. But when they average $7 for an “8×8” tile I was looking at thousands of dollars for a backsplash that I may or may not grow sick of after a year or two. And with my turnover rate of decorating styles I wasn’t looking forward to dumping that kinda dough into an accent.  Live or die by DIY right?

Here are some examples of what I was going for.

Simply gorgeous right? For the past few weeks, my brain has been going ‘gotta have gotta have gotta have’ and finally last week that ding light bulb went off in my head. And what was my solution? Get ready for it. It’s pretty dang simple. Fabric.

Yep, all it took for me to get my need for a mexican tile fix under control was two yards of fine upholstery fabric. Cut in half and stapled directly onto the existing beadboard.

Some important things to note:

*I did not put the fabric behind the ‘mess makers’ like the sink or the stove. I will see how the fabric holds up for another week or two and if need be I plan on covering the fabric with some plexiglass from home depot. They sell it in large sheets and will cut it down to size for you, right there. No muss no fuss. Plus the place is super cheap. All you would need to do is pre-drill some holes in the wall and then screw the Plexi on over the fabric. Then it becomes wipeable and safe to put behind those mess makers.

*I rolled the edges in on themselves so they were nice a crisp and stapled from one top corner over to the next corner all the while pulling the fabric tight.

*I did not staple along the bottom, I just tucked the fabric in behind the countertop.

*I removed the outlet covers before stapling the fabric, then cut a small hole for the outlets, removed the excess fabric and then replaced the outlet covers over the fabric. Nice clean-looking.

*I love it

*Really love it

*And it only cost me $30. Yep. Three Zero

What else is going on around the kitchen…

Trying this out. I’m not quite sure what it is. I picked it up from one of my barn sales and she mentioned something about sugar? Matt saw this and was like ‘What? Are we living in the barracks now? Cafeteria-style?’…

I removed all the hardware and colander shades and gave me a healthy dose of antique brass/gold spray paint. Totally glams up the space. Every girl need some glam in the kitchen