DIY Boho Leather Feather Earrings – Make Your Own Boho Jewelry

What is it with me and earrings lately? I guess it is because I want to wear them so badly but can’t. Those of you that have babies, or have ever babysat know what I am talking about. I see dangle-ly ones over here, pretty sparkly ones over there and (my fav) big retro hoops on her and her and her!

But alas my earlobes can’t take the tugging. Oh well! That doesn’t mean I stop making them. Someday I will be able to wear earrings for more than 5 minutes. So besides earrings, I also have really been feeling the whole boho thing. Is boho done?

I hope not because I am still firmly planted smack dab in the 70’s with my bell bottoms, paisley printed caftans and brown corduroys….  here we go

Tips & Pointers:

* I used a faux leather that is suede-like on one side and leather on the other.

*First sketch out a feather-like shape on the suede side. Trim that out use it as a pattern and trim out another three pieces. One in the same direction and 2 in the opposite (just flip the piece over and trace around it on the suede side)

*Put two pieces together (suede sides together) and stitch together. Hand or machine. I like using a contrasting thread color, but if you want it to blend in then select a neutral color.

*Snip the leather into a very thin fringe. Work slowly with sharp scissors. Thinner the fringe the better

*Paint the tips of the leather feathers (front and back) in metallic paint and then sprinkle on some glitter. If you want you can spray it with a clear coat to really seal the glitter in.

*Snip off a section off-chain, fold in half and tie to the earring blank.

*Snip a tiny hole in the leather feather (once dry) at the base and tie it to the earring & chain. Make sure it is secure by looping it and knotting it a couple of times and using a sturdy thread.

Want to know why I really like how these turned out? The husband noticed them. Usually, he goes about his business around the house and never notices the subtle changes in my hair, accessories or wardrobe.

But with these guys, he walked right over and had to give them a closer look and an approving nod. It is tough to impress men with accessories, so when you do you know it is a keeper 😉