DIY Watercolor Desktop Calendar and Stand – Make Your Own One

Everyone is talking about their resolutions. All I hear is Charlie Brown adults takling. Wah wah wha wah wha.

I don’t do NY resolutions. Like I need to add another thing to the list of things I don’t have time for right?! Well, that is what I feel about resolutions anyway. Why do I have to wait to the beginning of a new year to try and work on bettering myself?

But whateves, if it works for you, go right ahead and make (and hopefully keep!) some resolutions.

Perhaps staying more organized? Perhaps to beautify your workstation? Perhaps to be more crafty?

I can help you out with those resolutions. This pretty DIY is super easy, very versatile and green. Perfect for all of yous who like to recycle. A neat little desk calendar and stand. First up is the how-to for the stand…

I actually used the cardboard from the bottom of my Anthropologie shopping bag. It was a perfect size and a nice thickness. And it was already recycled from some other source. Double snaps for me 😉

Next, I made the watercolor calendar. I picked up a little booklet of 12 watercolor cards from Hobby Lobby for $1.50. They are a cute size. Perfect for a calendar or postcards.

Pretty simple. But after doing it this way, I recommend painting the card first then writing on the dates and months. This will keep the ink from bleeding.

For those of you who don’t call yourselves artistic, please don’t shy away from watercolor. Just a simple wash of color looks sophisticated and chic.

After I secured the stand I gave it a quick coat of silver spray paint. Jazz it up a bit.

Hope this helps jump-start my office organization. My paperwork is in dire need of it. DIY? Hummm we will just have to see. Thank you for stopping by!