DIY Inspo: Succulent Tapestry

In the DIY gardening/craft world, it seems like succulents are all the rage nowadays. Succulent necklaces, vertical succulent gardens, succulents as house plants. The list of ways that people are getting jiggy with this once forgotten now fabulous plant goes on and on.

I, for one, am all for it! Here in the southwest, succulents (or native Waterwise plants) are a way of life. But I find that people either love them or hate them. I grew up here, so xeriscape is forever burned on the back of my eyelids.

Like it’s in my blood, forever flowing through my green thumb. Through my many ‘Mediterranean Landscaping Ideas’ searches on Pinterest, Google, Flickr, stacks of library books (ect), I stumbled across this term: Succulent Tapestry. Not sure if it was coined by famed SoCal landscape designer Debra Lee Baldwin, but she sure does know a lot about it. A few of these images are of her own garden.

I fell head over heels for this concept. It’s like a garden and art rolled into one. But it’s so much for simple Garden Art. It’s a living work of art. The succulents themselves are so sculptural and repetitive that when they are ‘woven’ into a pattern, their beauty just multiplies. So I declare here and now, I’ma-gonna tries to weave my own little succulent tapestry. Now on to more eye candy…

Beautiful right? Undeniably intriguing.  I know that it might hit a different cord with yous folks that live in other parts of the country, where succulents are like bigfoot, you hear stories but’of yet to seem em yourself.

But hey, you guys get super awesome plants that I’m dying to plant in my garden but can’t cuz I know they would die a quick and excruciating death burning in the fiery desert patch known as my front yard. So to succulents (and cactus and palm trees), I stick.

On a side note. Visited the SD Zoo this weekend. B.A.D. Idea. Why did I think it would be good to go in the busiest tourist months on a weekend?

Crazy bucktoothed hillbilly moms are like ‘Hey YOU! Little girl, get out of my picture’.

I be like ‘Naw-aw No you didn’t just snap at my two-year-old playing on the elephant statue.’ I even threw a head wiggle and a couple of snaps her way while telling Lou to ignore the saggy boobed granny with no bra on (and a white tank top to boot! My eyes are still burning)

That’s it kiddies. We will just have to wait till September…. on a Monday…. at 6 am…. to go to the Zoo again. Mama can’t be having more than one meltdown at the tourists a year.


Please don’t let my snappiness deter you from visiting the SD Zoo…. just a word of advice. Avoid all bucktoothed saggy-boobed hillbilly grannies at all costs. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn ya! 😉