Top 6 Pier Mount Lights For Outdoor Lighting 

We often fill our homes with contemporary furniture, vintage decor pieces, and over expensive curtains, hoping to make our homes appear modern yet elegant. But in doing so, we usually miss giving attention to the lighting, which is the most crucial article for our house. Good lighting plays the chief role in styling up your home. Using low-quality lights may ruin your house’s overall look, making it look suffocated and small even after spending a hefty amount of money on home décor

Most of the time, people spend comparatively less money on lighting during home décor. They go for cheap lighting, thinking they would do the fine job. But the truth is, cheap lighting items might look appealing, but they rob off your money in the long run and ruin the attractiveness of your house. 

What is the Solution?

There are tons of lighting articles available in the market, depending on your budget. If you are looking for exterior lighting to brighten up your garden or porch, then the best choice for you is to go with pier mount lights. This lighting takes up your home’s outdoor look at the highest level. Not only that, but you can enjoy a nice summer’s evening outside and spend some time reading a great book. 

The following are some of the best pier mount lights for your home.

Contemporary Pier Mount Light by Sol 72 Outdoor


Post lights are traditional light fixtures that can be used to light up your outdoors. If the style you have chosen to decorate your house is contemporary, then this gorgeous post light by Lovette is the one for you. This pier mount light can be perfectly mounted on a single post or railing to brighten your sidewalk. This contemporary-style post light is made with metal, and the fixture has a bronze finish. You can use a 120 volts bulb with this post light. With this post light installed in your walk alley, you would never have to use your mobile flashlight ever again.

Sleek Black Post Light By Feiss


The blend of both traditional and modern style looks classy but is hard to achieve in home decor. If you are searching for such lighting articles that will give that particular look, then you can get one from Feiss. Feiss is a brand that deals with unique and beautiful pier mount lights. One such article is Feiss Three Light Black Clear Beveled Glass Post Light at, this stunning piece has a sleek black finish and comes with clear glass. With three 60 watt candelabra lights, the post light provides maximum brightness so that you can host night parties in your garden without any worry.

Beautiful Antique Post Light By Winston Porter


Who doesn’t love vintage or antique items, right? They give your place a vibe straight out of some fairytale book. Winston Porter has one such pier mount post light that you can use at both indoor and outdoor locations. This beautiful and intricate post light looks just like a traditional lantern but better. The post light body has gorgeous artwork and scrolling that makes it look an antique piece. 

It comes with a built-in decorative LED bulb. The best thing about this light is that it can be used at every location of your house. If you installed it in your outdoor garden or porch, you do not have to worry about it getting damaged as it is waterproof. This light is definitely for those of you who are devoted to decorating your home to the fullest.

Urban Square LED Post Light By Wrought Studio


The urban-chic style for decorating houses or offices is getting popular these days. This modern style to decorate your place is all classy and stylish. This theme’s main color is kept usually white or black, as these colors allow other colors on the color pallet to pop up more. Urban style home decor is all about bright lights and bright rooms, so you need a high-quality light that not only complements your overall decor but is also in a budget. Wrought Studio has a marvelous pier mount light that oozes sophistication and style from its appearance. This chic waterproof post light is white and has metal fixtures.

Aesthetically Pleasing Post light by Vaxcel International


Are you a person who looks for aesthetics in everything, from the type of clothes you wear to the food you eat and the way you decorate your house? If the answer is yes, then we have got the best aesthetically pleasing, traditional style pier mount light for you. This impressive light fixture from Vaxcel International can enhance your house’s exterior appearance. This post light has a black textured metal frame with clear seeded glass that allows it to give off the warmest light possible. You can use a medium-size 100-watt bulb for better lighting.

Vintage 3-Lights Pier Mount Light By Longshore Tides


The traditional, old-style lanterns are nowhere to be found, but people who love all things vintage are now looking for its substitute in modern lights. If you are one of them, then this stunning pier mount light from Longshore is for you. The clear seed glass with the brass construction post light radiates vintage vibes. It comes with three candelabra lights that represent the appearance of false flames. This unique lantern style light is waterproof and can be fitted outside of your house or in your garden on a single post.


Now that you’ve gone through our post about lights recommendations, we hope it has become easier for you to pick out the best lighting article that fits your home perfectly. Pier mount light increases the aesthetic appeal of the house. The best thing about our collection is, these lights are light on your pocket yet very eye-catching, which will create a great impression on the guest that you wouldn’t want ever.