What Kind of Shelving Fits Your Kitchen Style?

There are many ways to enhance your kitchen’s style. Whether you display it through
your choice of cabinets, countertops, or fixtures, there are opportunities to emphasize
your kitchen’s theme. One subtle area of the kitchen where your designer’s touch can
shine through is in the shelving. No matter if you have a traditional, contemporary, or
futuristic kitchen, the way you integrate shelving can enhance – or alter – the tone of
the entire room. Let’s take a look at which different shelving fits the type of space you

Glass Shelves

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Glass shelves offer a way to showcase items that you want to be seen. A newer trend is
glass shelving across windows. The effect is almost surreal as if your prized items hang
suspended in the air. Glass shelves work with many kitchen styles, especially in more
traditional versions such as cottage and farmhouse. However, modern kitchens utilize
glass shelves more frequently, as people see the dramatic effects these attachments

One decision that homeowners encounter with glass shelving is what exactly to put on
them. After all, they will be a significant feature in your kitchen that will attract visitors’
attention. Many people choose to display cookbooks, tea sets, or any number of trinkets
that hold special meaning.

Rustic-Style Open Shelving

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If you want to make a more rustic-looking kitchen, specific styles of open shelving can
do the trick. Shelves made of natural, unfinished wood can alter your kitchen’s
appearance to look more like a room in a countryside house. The objects you choose to
place on the shelves – mason jars, traditional utensils, and more – can add to this rustic

If you are considering transforming your kitchen into a rustic feel, there are many
options as far as shelving woods and tones. High-quality hardwoods, such as maple or
alder, work well for this conversion. The knots naturally found in alder, in particular, add
to the countryside feel of a rustic kitchen. These shelves can add an instant effect to
your space.

Suspended Shelving

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Hanging shelving from the ceiling delivers a fresh, surprising twist to standard kitchens.
You can cut down on excessive drill holes and attachments through walls and tiles,
which can save you time and labor. All of the metal that goes into the suspension can
provide an industrial, modern look – if that is a direction you are heading.
Although suspended shelving is increasingly popular in contemporary kitchens, many
designers can make it mesh into traditional rooms. Paired with blue Shaker cabinets,
such as the ones found here, for example, can create an intriguing twist on proven styles by adding suspended shelves. The clean lines of the shelves and the suspension wires complement the minimalist theme of the Shaker style. With the versatility of suspended shelving, you can make them work within any layout you have in mind.

Floating Wood Shelves

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Installing floating wood shelves can impact your whole kitchen. They appear as slabs of
color, which can contrast nicely with your existing space. You can also work with the
different accents and kitchen cabinet hardware that you incorporate into your room.
Overall, these shelves complement any style, from farmhouse to contemporary.
Today, you can customize the cut and size of this shelving to match your room perfectly.
Whether you want to add a subtle earth tone to your sleek and stylish modern space or
try to contrast with the white or grey cabinets of your farmhouse style, floating wood
shelves can work.

Adding Color to your Shelves

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Whether you paint your shelves or place brightly colored items on open shelves, the
color can change your kitchen’s entire feel. Especially for people with predominantly
white kitchens, a pop of color can revive the room. Consider blue, green, or even orange
tones to add an exciting element to your space. Instead of a cold, stark feel, your
kitchen can transform into a warm, inviting place to hang out – with the quick addition
of color.

Some homeowners prefer a sleek and smooth modern kitchen. However, more and
more consumers are contrasting or complementing the themes they have in place with
bright colors. An eclectic look may even alternate these tones to create a modern work
of art, by staggering shelf length, height, and color.

Exploring Variety

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In both traditional and modern kitchens, shelves at the same height can be bland. Try
installing shelves at different levels and of different widths. Your guests’ eyes will draw
to the ever-changing shelving, resulting in a dynamic, intriguing place to congregate. By
placing different items, such as antiques, artwork, or plants, you can cultivate your
personal touch into your kitchen.

Many kitchen styles can integrate varying shelves. Even with a minimalist approach like
you would find in ultra-modern rooms, shelves at different levels can pique your guest’s
interests. You can showcase those high-tech, attractive appliances by placing shelves in
specific arrangements. You can experiment with the more traditional approaches with
not only the shelves but also which items you place on them. Consider installing a
narrow shelf to house small trinkets and kitchen items, while adding large, wider shelves
in prominent spots to store larger pieces. The same holds true for color schemes. If you
have a starkly different cabinet arrangement, such as dark lowers with white uppers,
you can work in shelf variety. You can install lighter-tone shelving along with darker
shades to deepen the level of nuance in your kitchen.


Shelving is a significant component of any kitchen. It can affect whatever style you are
targeting, and minor adjustments can lead to substantial impacts. Many of the available
styles of shelving work with various kitchen themes. Shelving can act to add storage,
display your favorite art, or enhance your space’s color scheme. Much of your decisions
will stem from your existing kitchen style, but with a subtle impact that you can adjust in the future. Whether you want to modernize your older room or add a traditional flair to a contemporary space, your shelving can help you reach your goals.