Shell Topped Jars – Step by Step

Spring cleaning is the theme around my house these days and the first room on my list in need of a big refresher is the master bath. I love our paint colors and can live with the tile and cabinetry for now, but my bath accessories and decor need a major update.

After scoping out the newest pottery barn and Ballard designs catlog I stumbled across many shells and nautical themed decorative items. The bottles that this idea is based on are just for decorative uses, but these are much better! I think I will store my toiletries like cotton balls and Q-Tips in these beauties.  Very easy to make… Enjoy!

What you need: Old jars with lids that can screw on and off. I had a few mason jars laying around, you can pick these up at the grocery store in the baking section. You will also need some twine and a selection of shells. I had some left over shell potpourri and I picked up a basket of shells at the dollar store. Lastly you will need your trusty hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks.

What to do: I started by wrapping the lids with twine and securing in place with dabs of hot glue here and there. I thinking I might also wrap some twine around the center of the glass, but for now just around the lid. Then you want to apply a base layer of plain shells.

These will boost up the more attractive shells as well as add some height to the lid. Play with the shell combos, the more the merrier in my book. And that is it! Very simple and super chic. These would make a great gift or it could be a great memory momento by filling with sand from trips. Hope you enjoyed this quick craft. Thanks for stopping by!