Wood Block Art – Reverse Stencil

So this DIY covers a couple of bases. First off it is an idea for what you can do with those scraps of wood that are laying about. I have a couple of those, well actually maybe a garage full. My hording tendencies kick in and I can’t get rid of them. I just can’t!

Second, this DIY covers the reverse stencil technique. Pretty simple but easy to overlook when you think about stenciling. Lastly, it covers how to make your own contact paper. I never have it around but I always seem to need it. So here we go!

Some tips and pointers:

*I sketched out my word in pen. It wasn’t permanent so when I brushed the paint on it ran. I liked the effect but if you want a nice crisp paint color then I suggest using something permanent.

*Overlap the tape at least a 1/4″ to make a secure layer, otherwise when you peel up the tape to cut out the letters it will fall apart.

*Peel up the letters while the paint is still wet.

*I coated the block in mod podge once the paint was dry. That gave it a nice sheen and sealed the paint. It’s not waterproof so don’t leave it out in the rain.

Just a little something that is simple and pretty. Right now this is sitting on my outside work/buffet table. But I think I might make another one similar to this and use them as bookends.

Now I’m out the door to the front yard to continue working on my HUGE AWESOME secret project. I will post about it soon but I want to make sure the final result is perfect. So excited!