Sewing Series: DIY 5 Minute Little Girl Skirt

I used to sew a ton. I was a serging and stitching maniac. Any and everything from million layer tulle tutus (yes, an adult can wear a tutu… think Carrie from SATH), to maxi dresses and even a tank top or two. Jersey was my favorite, but man o man is it a finicky fabric to work with! Definitely not for beginners.

It has been a few years since I broke out the sewing machine for a ‘serious’ sewing project so I thought I would ease myself back in. As in I will stitch up a few items for Lou… because honestly, she won’t care if a seam is wonky, one sleeve is shorter than the other or her pants miraculously turn into shorts because I got the inseam wrong.

Plus I have a stash of different fabrics that will look so cool on her. Plus, if I mess up on something and it isn’t salvageable I won’t be heartbroken over a lost 1/4 to 1/2 yard of fabric. Little bodies mean a little amount of fabric.

For those of you who are petrified of the sewing machine, this is the perfect gateway project. It is pretty hard to mess this one up! (if you do, don’t worry I won’t tell) And for those of you who are expert seamstresses, why are you even looking at this?!?! Just kidding. This is a good project to experiment with new fabrics or patterns or to make a quick holiday outfit or gift. Sometimes you forget the simple ‘stuff’ and need a refresher every now and then.

Thanks for stopping by! This is the first of a little series. I have a Bubble Skirt, An A-Line Dress, Bow Tank Dress and Ruffle Top coming up. Most eggcellent 🙂