DIY Lace Dreamcatcher Earrings – Cute DIY Jewerly

Had a 30-minute gap in my day yesterday so I thought I would fill it up with a little crafty craft 🙂

This DIY will literally only take you five minutes. A super quickie. My kind of craft is to keep my hands busy while I am waiting for something else. Like the kids napping, a pie baking, the wash to be done or the pizza to be delivered.

Here we go. DIY Lace Dream-catcher Earrings

Tips & Pointers:

You will need some feathers, some blank earring hooks, leather/suede (or faux), lace, hot glue and some sturdy thread. Tip, you will need to find some lace that has a circular pattern. Start with trimming out the lace, weave some feathers through it and hot glue the ends to the backside of the lace. Then hot glue the lace to the faux suede or leather, sandwiching the feathers between.

Trim out the suede around the lace. Then thread some sturdy thread through the lace and tie on the earring hoop blank. Wire thread or fishing line works great. That’s it! Feel free to add some beads if desired.

Next up DIY Halloween decorations!!!… guess I got to start posting about this party prep marathon someday.