DIY Burlap Advent Calendar – Quick and Easy

Do you feel it yet? Has that Christmas/Holiday spirit nipped you in the booty yet? Yes, know I know it’s not even December yet, but that magical feeling has swept into our home with full gale force winds. A tornado of glitter, tinsel, ornaments and cuttings. As stated before I am trying to limit my store-bought holiday decorations and really have a go at crafting up my own batch of goodies. Here is my version of an advent/countdown calendar. A bit country and rustic. Rough around the edges but still very heartwarming.

It was very simple to make. I started with a 2.5′ x 3.5′ rectangle of sturdy burlap and hot glued five rows of five blocks of red and white ticking. Leave the top edge of each ticking block open so it creates a little pocket to slip in goodies for your babies (or yourself, no judgments here 😉 ) Normally I would sew this, but hot glue works very well with burlap. Next, I added little blocks of burlap with hand-stamped days. Again I used hot glue.

Finally, I added the top eyelet border (a pretty edge from an old bed skirt no longer in use! Score!). The calendar is tacked up with little nails hidden under the eyelet fabric. Pretty awesome for just whipping it up and it only took one evening. Beat that Pottery Barn and your $200 little bucket & sticks advent! Oh yeah that’s right you can’t!…… actually I really like their stuff and the little bucket and stick advent calendar is totally awesome and creative.

Back to my calendar.

This has to be one of my favorite holiday DIYs. It was very easy to make and the results are exactly what I was going for. Plus I love how it has a perfect spot over my industrial table in the kitchen. I didn’t plan on it going there but it works. Funny how when you find your home, things just seem to fall into place.

So how’s your holiday decorating going? My very best mantel decor is up next.