DIY Glitter Applique Chambray Shirt – Refashion Clothes

It’s a glitter kinda day around here. But who wants a great big fat glittery mess? No thanks. So this ^^^^ is how I get my glitter on without any stress. Basically, it’s just creating your very own glitter applique. You could go all simple and just do dots or hearts like I did here and here…. or you can get a little more tricky and use tracing paper to make a pattern of specific shapes. Here are the deet’s more in-depth.

1. Decide what part you want to be covered with the glitter applique and trace it out on the tracing paper. Be exact and trim out the pattern.

2. Next fuse the interfacing/webbing onto the back of the glitter fabric. You can find glitter fabric here and interface here. Follow the manufacturer’s directions. Once cool trace the pattern on the backside. Trim out the patterns. Peel off the backing.

3. Place the applique and trim so it lays exact. Fire up the iron to the manufacturer’s specs and press on the applique. Repeat on the other side.

Like a cowgirl and disco queen all in one. And no mess no stress 😉