DIY Drawer Freshener – Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

Is anyone else doing some spring cleaning? Anyone? Well, we certainly are. Talk about a pain in the rear right?! But it’s gotta get done. Our first major task, you ask? To go through our closets and drawers and donate (or get rid of) clothing that is too small, too big (whoot whoot !) or just plain icky (nudge the hubs).

I swear if just one of his shirts is w/o a grease stain it’s a miracle). Anywho, after a long weekend of the closet weddings, I am ready to freshen up our boudoir. How so, you ask? With this easy DIY air freshener, that’s how.

First up you will need the supplies listed above. If you don’t have access to any dried botanicals, you can just as easily spruce up some regular rice with a few drops of essential oils (found at your local health food joint). This DIY is a simple one. Really just a one-two punch (get it, punch, cuz you will be punching holes? Ok just ignore me)

If need be, use a pencil and straight edge to lightly trace some lines or sketch your pattern out. Just have an eraser handy to eliminate the evidence.

I started with a nail and then moved on to a push pin, much easier on the fingers.

Step One: Sketch out the design. Step Two: Punch design. Step Three: Erase any leftover marks (if you are a perfectionist you can iron the envelope so it’s nice and crisp). Step Four: Fill with dried botanicals or scented rice. Step Five: Seal up and place in closet/drawers.