Yarn & Burlap Wreath – Gorgeous Ideas for DIY 2024

My goal here at Home Heart Craft is to help you get instant gratification from your crafts, and this is the perfect candidate! I completed each one in less than an hour in front of the TV and was able to watch my fav shows. So after your kiddos go to bed, or during nap time, you can easily get this project done.


*Foam wreath, any size will work, but I recommend starting with an 8″ or 12″. Any bigger and you will need extra yarn/burlap to cover it.

*Yarn, twin, burlap… anything you want to wrap the wreath in. For my 12″ green & cream wreath I used one 2oz (95 yards) package. For my burlap wreath, I used only a portion of my 12 yards burlap ribbon package. It all depends upon the thickness of the material and how much time you want to spend wrapping 🙂

*Lots of ‘Goodies’! I wanted a nature-themed wreath so I used some faux birdies and moss specked nests that I had laying around from my woodland Christmas. I recommend a selection of faux flowers and greenery. You can never go wrong with moss

*Extras: Hot glue is you feel so inclined, but I used sewing push pins to secure a lot of the accouterments


Making this wreath iv really fairly simple. My first go at it was the green and cream. I simply started wrapping the thin yarn around and around the wreath periodically scrunching the yarn so it was a tight fit and that I couldn’t see any of the foam.

This process took the longest, about an hour. I tied the yarn in a knot and tucked the end under the yarn. I went back over a couple of places where I could still see the foam, tied in a knot and tucked under…. repeat as needed 🙂

Then comes to the fun part! Playing with all the goodies! I snipped and placed and rearranged until I liked the end result. To hold the flowers and branches in place I wrapped the ends tightly with the same yarn. As for the leaves & nest I used a few sewing push pins. The little birdie has wire on its feet to I simply push that into the foam.

Tie a ribbon at the top and there you go! You have your very own yarn wreath! Easy peasy huh?! Please let me know how yours turn out!