DIY Faux Beaded Top – Spice Your Look

Ok so this DIY is a total rip-off of my DIY Faux ‘Beaded’ Indian Beaded Bracelet, same concept just applied differently…I guess I am just flattering myself by copying it ūüôā

So this whole husband working nights has really freed up some time for me. I probably could go completely ‘old lady’ and pick up hand embroidery and hand beading (no offense if you enjoy these past times… but I have yet to encounter a fellow 26-year-old who does ;).

I love the look but am not so in love with the effort and time involved. Hand embroidered and hand-beaded garments have this richness about them… like built-in jewelry.

$250 Parsons

$210 Michael Kors

$195 Free People

Built-in bling is perfect for me because my poor little ears and neck just can’t take another tug from grasping baby hands. So here is my attempt at creating a ‘hand beaded’ look with little fuss or muss. Does anyone know what that means anyway? Fuss & Muss? Sounds like a pair of puppy dogs…

Tips & Pointers:

*Work on a flat hard surface out of reach of kids hands, puppy tails and fumbling husbands… learned that the hard way… three times.

* Always shake the paint into the tip before applying and keep a needle handy to clear and blockage.

*Keep the color scheme simple

*Dots look much classier then lines. Drawing lines with puff paint always looks wonky and like an elementary school pep rally shirt. Not really the look I was going for here.

*Let the garment dry for at least overnight.

*Chalk is your friend to decide what shape/design works best. I also recommend chalking it out and trying the shirt on before painting it to see how the design will lay on your body. We don’t want any perfectly placed targets over the boob-age area. Catch my drift?

*Make sure to place something between the layers of your garment, puff paint will seep.

* Slow slow slow. Did I mention going slow? No? Well, go slow.

That pretty much sums it up. Please check out my faux beaded Indian beaded bracelet tut if you have any more questions or would like to see more pics of the process.

What is on the agenda for you this weekend? Me? I have my absolute favorite favorite favorite favorite shopping experience happening this weekend. Details to come soon.