How to Glitter a Candle – Easy DIY Tutorial 2024

How to glitter a candle… how to glitter anything actually!

Now, this is my kind of craft. Quick, inexpensive and totally girly! I had a serious glitter phase in jr high and I don’t think it ever truly wore off. My parents would get peeved at me because when my dad was rushing off to some important business meetings, my mom always had to double-check his face and person for flecks of glitter.

I even remember literally throwing glitter up into the air and letting it rain down into my hair before one high school dance.

Enough said, glitter does get everywhere so I suggest doing any glitter crafting in a contained environment and away from any little grabby hands. Oh and btw these tips can be used to glitter just about anything, have fun glittering away!

What you need: Glitter, I like the extra fine kind. Candle, I find that the nonscented ones work best because they have less oils in them that can interfere with the glue. Two brushes, paper plate, bow & spoon. Lastly, it is a good tip to have a can of spray fixative or spray adhesive.

Start by pouring a little craft glue onto the plate. i used deco podge because that is what I had handy. Take one of the brushes and apply a nice even layer. Not to thick or thin

Take your glitter and start to sprinkle as you turn the candle. Apply a nice heavy coat of glitter, if you want you can pour the glitter in to the bowl and spoon over the candle as you turn it.

Keep spooning or shaking until the entire candle is coated. I set the candle to dry for about 20 minutes on the paper plate

After a little bit of drying time I gently brushed the candle to remove the excess glitter. If you see any bare spots, just brush again with your glue and coat the spot, sprinkle a little more glitter and set to dry.

Lastly, I sprayed the candle with spray fixative (like what you use to coat a drawing to keep from smearing). Spray adhesive works great as well, just be careful not to touch the glitter.

Ta-Dah! Such a pretty little thing. Glitter just makes my heart go pitter-patter. Compared to the prices that glitter candles cost at the stores, I can tell you that a little glitter mess it definitely worth it.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY tutorial on how to glitter a candle. In my humble opinion, how to glitter is a very important and useful skill for any crafter!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely week.