DIY Gold Glitter Polka Dot Sweater

We interrupt your regularly scheduled diy’n to share with you this awesomely cute so friggin adorableĀ diy! Don’t worry, your regularly scheduled diy ( # 9 & # 10 of theĀ hair comb series) will appear shortly after this special post. With out further ado! Am I right or am I right about this being friggin adorable?!?!?! … Read more

DIY Glitter Applique Chambray Shirt – Refashion Clothes

It’s a glitter kinda day around here. But who wants a great big fat glittery mess? No thanks. So this ^^^^ is how I get my glitter on without any stress. Basically, it’s just creating your very own glitter applique. You could go all simple and just do dots or hearts like I did hereĀ andĀ here…. … Read more

DIY Glitter Star Hair Pin – DIY Hair Accessories 2024

DIY Glitter Star Hair Pin

Glitter, Stars, Hair Clips… just a few of my favorite things. I have seen all three of these things ALLLL over the place Rodarte Star Hair Clips Jennifer Behr Hair Accessories Who doesn’t like a little something sparkly and pretty for your hair? I do I DO! Here is my go at a FREE VERSION. … Read more