DIY Wall Decal Stickers From Shelf Liners

Are you ready for a diy that will change your decorating life… forever? Get ready cuz this doozy most certainly will.

There are so many opportunities to use this idea. From decorating a nursery with a custom monogram to updating the back of your bookshelves to creating some simple graphic art as demonstrated below.

Oh, and did I mention that it only costs a DOLLAR!

Just swing by your local dollar store and pick up some self-adhesive shelf liner better known as contact paper. There is usually a very interesting selection. Retro florals, stripes, solids, wood grain and toile, just to name a few. I chose the wood grain with this art project in mind. I also picked up some solid versions. It’s just good craft practice to have a stash of contact paper on hand.

Here we go!

Can’t get much simpler than this. I sketched out the deer head silhouette onto the back of the shelf liner (copying from a free clipart image found online), trimmed it out, peeled off the backing and pressed it firmly onto a fabric wrapped canvas. It sticks very well to the fabric and doesn’t leave any residue when removed.

I have used shelf liner wall decals on a variety of wall surfaces with much success (painted, plaster, tile). It sticks well, doesn’t curl, peels away easily and leaves no residue. Whoot Whoot! Another plus is that it really doesn’t get any cheaper than a DOLLAR for a small roll of the stuff.

But I recommend trying a small sample on your walls in an inconspicuous place to be sure you won’t be left with a horrible disaster. Though I’m positive it will turn out just peachy.

NOTE: When tracing your design onto the back of the liner make sure to do it in REVERSE! Don’t want any backward P’s and Q’s. 🙂

I’m contemplating using this idea to create some Moroccan-themed decals for my master bath ceiling. Too much?