Best Garage Doors to Watch Out for in 2024

The garage door is probably the most frequently used feature in your home; it opens about 3-5 times a day on average. Although it has a lifespan of about 20 years, when it functions 1500 times a year on average, there are bound to be some signs of wear. A malfunctioning garage door is something you don’t want to deal with when you are running late for work. So it is better to be on the safe side and take measures to replace your garage door with the first major sign of failure. Whether you want to upgrade or change the appearance of your home, replacing or installing them is a costly venture. This article explains what it means to install one and how much it can cost.

What Are the Categories of Garage Doors?


The installation cost and process of a garage door depend on its type. You need to choose the size, material, and configuration for your garage door. The appearance of your home, utility, convenience, and your budget should determine what type you need to install. If you want to repair your garage door rather than replacing it, you can check for the service details.

Here we discuss the various types along with their costs.


Material is the most important factor in pricing. There are affordable materials like steel and aluminum and high-end material like glass available for you. While choosing a material, you should consider durability, insulation, and strength. Here is a price breakdown of the garage door according to materials.

1. Metal Garage Door


Steel is the most widely used material for the garage door. Steel, being the most affordable and low-maintenance material, makes it perfect for residential use. You can get various configurations of the metal garage door- roll up, tilt-up, and cover canopy, side to side, and sectional type. A single car steel garage door can cost you $450-$1500 whereas a double car steel one can be within $700 -$3500.

2. Aluminum Garage Door


Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-proof, and affordable. Being lightweight, it provides poor insulation. You can customize aluminum garage doors with tempered and insulated glass panels for better insulation and inviting natural light inside the garage. One of the biggest perks of aluminum garage doors is that it requires very minimal maintenance. A single car aluminum garage door will cost about $500-$2000, and a double door will cost 1500$-2000$.

3. Glass Garage Door


This one will ensure natural lighting and visibility for your garage. It also adds to the appeal of your home exterior. They are heavy, being made with tempered glass that can trump the strength of steel or aluminum. They can easily be converted to a workspace or studio as you have access to natural light. A single car glass garage door will cost you $900-$2000; a double one will be $1500-$4500.

4. Wood Garage Door


Wood is the priciest of all materials. The price of this type depends entirely on the species of wood. If you are up to the maintenance that a wood garage door demands, you can consider this option. Even though they enhance the natural appeal of your home, the finished surface of a wood garage door can be ruined due to temperature fluctuations. A single-car wood garage door will cost $1000-$3500; a double one will be around $2000-$6000.

5. Vinyl Garage Door


If you do not desire the appearance of wood to be heavy or expensive, vinyl can be an excellent option for you. It is a relatively low-maintenance material that provides good insulation with a foam core interior. However, vinyl can be temperature sensitive and unsuitable for the extreme cold or warm climate. A single car vinyl garage door is priced between $700-$1500 while a double one will cost you $950-$2500.

6. Composite Garage Door


Wood composite garage doors also provide a lightweight alternative to the wood garage door. With faux hardwood material, it can render detailed texture and the feeling of real wood. Composite ones are moisture-resistant and can weather the change of climate. The average price of a wood composite door will be $750-$6100, providing you with a wide range of variety to suit your budget.


Many brands are offering different features and benefits in garage doors. While the price varies slightly depending on the brand, the price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. You should consider both the warranty and quality while selecting a brand. Brands like Amarr can cost you $500-$1500 for those where high-end brands like Wayne Dalton can cost $800-$9000.



Understandably, a 2-car garage door will cost more than a single one because it is bigger. The height and thickness also affect its price. A 10’ X 10’ garage door can cost you somewhere between $490-$1100 whereas a 16’ x 8’ might cost you $700-$5000.


The style of the garage door also affects its price. For paneled-style garage doors, you have to pay $700-$2000. Carriage type doors will cost $1100-$3900. French doors are the most expensive; they come around $1500-$5000. Your home’s personality should translate into your garage door style.

Garage Door Installation Cost


The cost of garage door installation varies depending on the type, function, and materials. You can spend $1150-$1700 to install a garage door, maybe more if you want something high end. When you replace them, you have to incur the buying cost and the installation cost.

Garage Door Opener Cost

The garage door opener is the part that makes a garage door function. Their prices vary depending upon the technology they use. There are chain drive, screw drive, smart opener, belt drive, swing out the carriage, and many more types of garage door openers. A smart opener will cost you about $160-$350 whereas a belt drive one will be $170-$350.

Labor cost

To install an average garage door, the installer will charge you $200 for a single garage door and $375 for a double door. The installation of a garage opener will cost you an additional $100. If your garage door has specialized hardware or it is custom-made, the cost will be more to install it. The labor cost also depends on the material.

Can You Install Your Garage Door Yourself?


If you don’t want to spend on garage door installation, you can install it by yourself. Some of them are easy and simple to install. Before you take up the project of installing them by yourself, make sure you have all the instructions you need. You can contact the manufacturer for further clarification.


Installing a functional and high-end garage door can add value to your property. However, installing them might come with many hidden expenses. You might need special wind reinforcement for your garage door if you live in a hurricane-prone area. As the garage door is the most exposed part of your home, you need to pay attention to its strength as well as appearance.


Q: Which garage door is the best?

A: If the word “garage” conjures up images of a dark and dank space with a lone pull string hanging from a florescent bulb, banish that thought immediately. These days there are so many more options out there to make the most out of your garage space …

Q: What type of garage door should I buy?

A: – Wood type – Painted or unpainted – Stain and natural finish – Decorative face hardware – Decorative glass – Insulation/R-value options – Custom trim options – Custom installation of upgraded hardware, track, and springs

Q: How to choose the best garage door?

A: Maintenance Requirements. Even after you get a new garage door,you can’t just get it installed and ignore it. … Budget. The most important factor to consider when choosing a new garage door is the budget. … Energy-Efficiency. … Aesthetics. …

Q: What is the best garage door?

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