7 Best Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of those holidays that children look forward to the most because of all the fun it promises. If you want to make the event even more enjoyable for your little ones as well as yourself, just know that there are a few things you can try out. A lot of this will hinge on the matter of participation since kids love to be involved in things.

You’ll be focusing a lot on making Halloween more meaningful for your child through the planning or the process. This can involve everything from the decorations, the meals, and even the various games that will be played. Making this holiday extra special might take a little more effort from you, but it will be worth it in the end. Here are a few ways to make Halloween more fun for kids!

Top 7 Best Halloween Decorations

1. Appealing Decor

Halloween decoration has almost become something of a sacred tradition, which is done by a lot of people everywhere in the world. However, it is almost often done by adults who are trying to humor their kids, and because they want them to enjoy these little things. While this is not wrong, per se, it does limit the amount of satisfaction that children can get. As a matter of fact, many children would rather participate and interact with their parents when doing Halloween preps.

This goes for when planning what decorations are going to be put up and what the house will look like. As for what decorations you are going to put up, it might be best to choose the more meaningful options. You can even make them from scratch such as using a 250ml glass milk bottle (visit roetell.com) and learn how to make spooky lava lamps!

Just remember to have fun with your kids, and both of you will love the end results.

2. Spooky Meals

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Aside from decorations, Halloween is also a time to prepare some special food items that are only available at that time, as well as some foods that are popular during the month of October. Famous examples include candied apples and pumpkin pies, which many children can feast on! Having children participate in planning these meals can be an excellent way to get them involved, as well as handy around the house, and definitely in the kitchen.

The least that you can do in this regard is to ask them what they want to eat. If you really want them to be involved, though, you can also ask them to help with the preparations. It can be little things like measuring ingredients, washing fruits and vegetables, or preparing the dishes. You don’t need to give them huge responsibilities since the whole point here is to have fun.

3. Handmade Costume

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Next are the scary or funny costumes that you and your children are going to wear. Now, you can get your outfits from the store or you could make them yourselves. With the world being what it is today, it might be better to simply go for the latter. Not only will it give you time to bond with your kids, but it will also look exactly how you want it, and how you’ve imagined it.

It may take some doing if you aren’t that gifted as an artist, but you can fix that with some practice. Then again, you could always commission some special costumes if you have the budget. Choosing this route, however, will not give you the benefit of creating the outfit with your children.

4. Special Sweets

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The main meal is not the only food discussion that you can have with your kids. You could also talk about the types of sweets that you are going to get. Are you going to buy them at the store or make them yourself at home? Will you do something special with those sweets or just put them in a bowl for anyone to enjoy?

There are such things as candy bouquets, wreaths, necklaces, and more options that you and your kids can enjoy. There are also plenty of opportunities to create special candies, sweets, and chocolates at home. This can give you yet another chance to bond with your child, so why not give it a go?

5. Fog Machines

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Kids love to play with different items, and one of those that will make them over-the-moon is a fog machine! These fog machines are pricier Halloween decorations, but they will make a statement at your home, that’s for sure! A fog machine is a bit pricey to purchase, but some companies also offer amazing deals and discounts, while others will allow you to rent these out and enjoy them only for 24-48 hours at your home! You can create a spooky atmosphere, go for some light shows, or interesting theme parties that your kids will love!

6. Window or Wall Decor

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If you are on a budget you can still make a pleasant themed party for you and your little ones! Window or wall decorations such as wallpaper, stickers, as well as neon accessories will make an amazing vibe and atmosphere for all of you! You can also print out some of their favorite characters, sayings, as well as moments from their favorite TV show or cartoon and place these all over the house. This method is quick, effective, affordable, as well as perfect if your kids love to play around with wallpapers and simple decorations.

PS: Just make sure that you invest enough of your time to do this entire show. It might take you around 3-4 hours to set it all up.

7. Animatronics

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Last, but not least, ask yourself how far are you willing to go? Some people are all about extravagant shows, are you? Well, if so, you might appreciate the beauty and the power of animatronics! These are giant robots, dolls, figures, animals – whatever you want them to be, that you can set-up at your home, or more conveniently, in your yard! You can place these decorations on your porch and see how others react to these practical and funny set-ups. Although on the pricier side, these animatronics will last you for years and you will enjoy them for several different occasions and upcoming Halloween parties!


Halloween can be a spectacular time for your kids, and you too can enjoy it with them as well! This is a great chance to strengthen your connection as well as trust with one another. You can do this by decorating the house, cooking up a feast, and playing some games. This will show your child that you truly care about their interests and you recognize their contributions. So, ready to have the time of your life at the right Halloween party, and with the right decor? Let us know what are some other of your typical go-to’s, we would love to know!