I’m Breaking Up With Chevron…. and Moving on to Quatrefoil

I say enough with the chevron pattern, everybody! Don’t you see it everywhere? It’s on pillows and curtains and rugs and dresses and lampshades and nail art… Enough is enough people! Time to spread the pattern of love elsewhere. Today I want to feature one on my personal favorites….. The Quatrefoil.

Quatrefoil Links Stencil Via OMG Stencils

Quatrefoil Drum Shade by Shades of Light

ok ok… so it’s not really the pattern and more of just the shape. But how glam is this?!

Turquoise Quatrefoil Pillow Via Pillow Flight PDX

Quatrefoil Rug Via Wayfair

Can you believe that this bright and sunny 5’x7′ rug is only $50! What a deal!

Quatrefoil Mirror via Nieman Marcus.

Way way WAY out of my price range for a mirror. BUT it’s so gorgeous I could die! Not really, But my heart might skip a beat or two if I suddenly found this beauty hanging in my house.

I smell a DIY….

Such a beaut!

Thanks for stopping by! Coming up: More ‘new’ patterns to get your mind off those boring chevrons…