10 Best Radiators to Buy in 2024

Can you believe that this year is almost over?! It’s certainly been a long one. If you have your sights set on a home makeover in 2024, don’t forget about the radiators! Often overlooked when it comes to refurbishments, these essential pieces of home kit can make a huge difference. On the one hand, they can go from being an eyesore to eye-catching. On the other hand, a new and efficient radiator has the potential to save you a boatload of cash when it comes to keeping your heating bills down.

Read on to find the best types of radiators to consider in 2024.

1. Cast iron

Source: electricast.ie

You might think of these as only being available in antique stores and salvage yards. However, these days you can get top of the range new cast iron radiators that have all the benefits of a modern system but with a classic look. For sympathetic remodels a cast-iron model is a perfect way to honor a home’s past while bringing it into the new year.

2. Heated towel rail

Source: victorianplumbing.co.uk

If you have your kitchen or bathroom in your makeover plans, then a heated towel rail is the perfect direction to go. These nimble and slimline radiators can pack a powerful punch heat wise while being incredibly practical too. Just imagine stepping out of your shower and wrapping yourself in a toasty warm, fluffy towel. Or how about never having to deal with soggy dish towels again. A heated towel is incredibly versatile. If you are short on space don’t worry they are perfect for fitting behind doors.

3. Vertical radiator

Source: geyser.co.uk

Some rooms present particular challenges that make fitting a radiator tricky. Not having a lot of available wall space is an extremely common one. Perhaps you have a space that is mostly windows, or maybe you want the walls to primarily be for displaying art. A vertical radiator could be the right move. Instead of spreading along a wall, these beauties go up it, making them excellent for heating rooms with high ceilings. Choose a narrow model with extra height to make the most of your space.

4. Electrical radiators

Source: electric-heatingcompany.co.uk

If you have a large house or simply have a room that you don’t use regularly you may be worried about the cost of energy. Having to heat the entire house to warm up the few rooms you are using can be a frustrating experience. With an electric radiator, you don’t need to worry about throwing money away on unused rooms. These can be turned on or off at the flick of a switch so the heat goes directly to where you need it. Another benefit of an electric radiator is that you don’t need to plumb them in, so you have almost complete freedom as to where to put them.

5. Double panel radiators

Source: bigbathroomshop.co.uk

If maximum heat is what you are after then you are going to want to take a look at double panel radiators. With double the surface area of a single panel radiator, there really isn’t a better option for heating up space quickly and efficiently.

6. Designer radiators

Source: designerradiatorshowroom.co.uk

You are probably remodeling for a good reason. If your home isn’t to your aesthetic taste you will be considering everything from paint shades, to decors to light fixtures to make it more your style. Don’t forget about a stylish radiator while you are immersed in design. A plain white radiator is no longer the standard. There are now many companies that specialize in designer radiators. These sleek and beautiful options will have your guests admiring your radiators like artwork (Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the designer options available from Trade Radiators).

7. Aluminum radiators

Source: opgi.com

For the eco-conscious shopper, an aluminum radiator could be the way to go. Taking less time to heat up and using less water than most other types of materials an aluminum option can certainly save you money in the long term. In terms of saving the earth in the long term, aluminum is an easy metal to be recycled and it is possible to get a radiator that is made from recycled materials. Worried about it looking like tin foil? You don’t need to, aluminium radiators come in all the finishes you’d expect from a steel one.

8. Custom color

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To round back to design again, did you know that you can get custom colored radiators? This is a wonderful option if you have a very specific color scheme in mind for a room and want your radiator to blend in completely with that wall paint you have picked out. On the opposite side of that coin, you could decide to have your radiator be the pop of color in the room with a contrasting shade.

9. Bay window

Source: castrads.com

Bay windows- one of the most sought after features in a home! However, keeping them warm can be a bit of a nightmare. Often they are the coldest spot in their rooms. After all, you can’t fit a flat surface onto a curve without it looking ugly. If you want to turn your bay window area from icy outpost to cozy nook then a specialty curved radiator is a perfect choice. Normally made to order these radiators are definitely worth the wait. Available in a variety of heights they can fit perfectly below the window and follow the curve of the building seamlessly.

10. Smart thermostat

Source: ifworlddesignguide.com

Ok, so the last radiator on our list isn’t technically a radiator. However, they will work with your radiators to get your home perfectly under control. There are a huge variety of smart thermostats on the market (they can often be incorporated with other smart home devices too). Find the system that works best for you and controlling the heat of your home will just be a few taps of an app away. Apart from the convenience of being able to turn on your heating in time for your home to reach the perfect temperature as you walk through the door, many smart thermostats are also able to track spending so you will always be able to keep tabs on your energy costs.

Decisions decisions! With so much choice we hope this list has made the job of deciding which new radiator is best for you easier rather than more difficult. One thing is for sure though, you won’t overlook the humble radiator ever again.