do do doot do do doot DO DO DOOT DOOT!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled diy'n to share with you this awesomely cute so friggin adorable diy! Don't worry, your regularly scheduled diy ( # 9 & # 10 of the hair comb series) will appear shortly after this special post.

With out further ado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Am I right or am I right about this being friggin adorable?!?!?!

   I'm not even going to mention about how cheap and easy and ridiculously simple it is to make other than it is ridiculously cheap/easy/simple to make :) You can sparkle-fy just about anything with this tut. Think about it. Hearts on onesies. Animal heads on pillows. Stripes on shirts. Anything! The key are these two materials, the sparkly glitter vinyl and the fusible interfacing.
   Also think about this. All that glitter on that sparkly glitter STAYS PUT! No rub off, no glue mess, no glitter on your husbands face as he leaves for work.

 I have so many ideas for this. Actually I think some curtains are about to get the sparkle/glitter treatment.

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