DIY Glitter Rainboots – Upcycle Your Old Rainboots!

Does anyone else like to rock rain boots on a nice sunny day? I and my little gal sure do. I’m thinking she picked it up from me 😉 . We love to plop on our wellies (or goat ropers, as my husband calls them) to do a little gardening or what knot, regardless if there are puddles to stomp through or not.

I have a festive pink and white polka dot pair, but poor Lou only has a plainie Janie black rubber pair. Perfectly functional and acceptable but not nearly fashionable enough for a gal with this much spunk.

So, what to do, what to do?

Say it with me… ‘ReFASHion!!!!’

Recently I was introduced to an awesome product called Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint. I created a DIY Glitter Lamp and shade with it and fell in love… hard. This product claims to cover any material (within reason) with a fabulous coat of glitter and stay put.

Things have been ‘so far so good with my lamp so I decided to give it another go. Here is what I did with Lou’s $9.00 basic Walmart rubber boots, tips and tricks to follow.

Holy guacamole of cuteness right? She is a full-blown fashionista with these beauts. I wanna a pair!  I DO recommend giving the boots a healthy coat of clear enamel spray paint after the glitter has dried.

This will help to prevent peeling, rub off and cracking. I did a nice heavy coat of the clear and the boots have held up through a couple of wears now. And let me tell you, Lou is not exactly a ‘dainty’ princess. She is a snail stomping, mud puddle splashing, doggie chasing hooligan. In other words, this shiznit is tough!

Jump for joy if you love glitter!