Drawing On Ceramic – How to Transfer Lettering

What a pretty plate right? And it was so easy to do! The is the perfect craft for gift giving. The hubs has been asking for some coffee mugs to bring to work that are not super feminine. What Anthropologie tea cups and cafe au latte mugs are not good enough for you!?!?! Oh well … Read more

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DIY Anthropologie Art – Decor Ideas 2023

DIY Anthropologie Art - Decor Ideas

Ok. Love Anthropologie but sometimes I think ‘you got to be kidding me?!’ with regards to their prices. This is a perfect example Ok yes, it is an original painting/collage but REALLY NOW??? $1500 for a 10″x10″ piece of art. One thousand five hundred dollars for less than ONE SQUARE FOOT?!?!?! Bawwwwwhhhhh So I gave it a … Read more

DIY Faux Aged Mossy Terracotta Pots – For Your Beautiful Garden


I dream of shade gardens. Drafty, soggy, wet, mushy shade gardens. After living in the driest nook of Southern California for my whole life I constantly find myself trying to ‘get away’ peeking into books labeled, “Gardens of the Pacific Northwest’, or ‘How to make the most of your shade garden’ and even ‘Cascadia: Gardening … Read more