DIY Watercolor Spritzed Envelopes – Make a Fancy Envelopes

Not much is better than receiving a pretty personal piece of mail (say that five times fast!). You know what I mean. Like when you were seven, ripping open the birthday card from dear ol granny.

Or like the time you tenderly peeled back the edge to see the beautiful wedding invite from your best friend. Or like when you gingerly open one of the numerous holiday cards, to be greeted by smiling faces and a drooling tongue (of your friend’s dog… not their kid… hopefully).

Why not make your pretty personal pieces of mail even prettier!

That’s what I had in mind for this DIY. A quick trick to jazz up your personal correspondence. I guess this would have come in handy before the big V Day, but hey, why do we have to wait till Feb 14th to send love notes to our special peeps? We don’t!

Here we go! Tips and tricks to follow:

*As silly as it looks, the perfume bottle is KEY!!!! to obtain this pretty texture. The fine mist it emits is so lovely! And light. All other spray bottles I’ve tried are very splotchy and drip-prone.

*Removing the atomizer (the spray nozzle) can be tricky. Sometimes you can simply unscrew it, other times it might be crimped around the top. Just work slowly prying up the crimped part with tweezers, and be careful not to jab yourself.

*Another key to this DIY is using watercolors, not acrylic paint. The watercolor dissolves completely and works with the tiny spray nozzle of the perfume bottle.

*Layering colors is a good idea. No need to wash out the perfume bottle, just work from light to dark, adding small amounts of paint till you reach your desired shade.

*This is a messy process, so I recommend doing it outside

*PS. The watercolor paper is necessary for this DIY, it’s just nice to spritz a couple of sheets and have them on hand ready for future DIYs.

A fun side effect of using the perfume bottle is that it will make your mail fragrant! No matter how well you wash out the bottle, it always has a scent.

Now let’s take a closer look at this beautiful texture…

So pretty right? You can’t get that texture with a brush. It’s a lot of light airbrushing.

Even a simple thank you note becomes something really special! Black ink is a nice juxtaposition to the feminine color/texture. And who knew there was something that could be done with all your leftover perfume bottles?!

What? Don’t you save all your empty perfume bottles?

You do?


Just kidding… I do the same thing.