Pom Pom Jewelry – How to Make a DIY

Dearest Pom Pom…Oh, pom pom how I love thee. You add whimsy and quirkiness to scarves, children’s clothing, draperies and now jewelry. You are so fun and fascinating, I always want to play with you. Oh pom pom you make my day of crafting the best!

Back to reality! But in all actuality, the pom pom is a great untapped craft resource. It is unbelievably cheap (less than $1.50 a yard at Hobby Lobby) and it comes in a variety of colors, styles and shapes. For this quick tutorial, I picked up a couple of feet of the yellow and black not really knowing what I was going to do with them.

I then went home and scrounged around my notions bin and picked out some interesting finds. There was no strict starting point or ending point to this crafting session, I just wanted to make something pretty and all I can fit in to during this 10th month of pregnancy are bracelets and necklaces. Boo Hoo for me!

Hope you enjoy this quickie.. no pics of the process just a brief explanation and some pointers. I’m sure you can come up with some great pieces on your own! Enjoy!

What you will need: Some feet of pom pom trim. I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but you can find it at any fabric store. The rest of the hod podge of notions that I used was a gold chain from the hardware store, Rhinestone trim (found at Micheal’s or Sue’s Sparklers) some twine, some elastic thread and some pretty ribbon.

What I did to make the necklace: First I measured off some pom pom trim to my desired length. I just held it up to my chest and played with a few lengths, I measured off some gold chain at the same length. I then wrapped the pom pom trim and the gold chain together with some doubled-up twine. Just a loose wrap to keep the two together with the twine heavily knotted at the ends of the chain.

I then laid the chain/pom pom trim piece on top of my rhinestone trim. This rhinestone trim has a netted piece to it so I loosely ran some elastic thread in and out of the netting making sure to catch the chain every other link. The last step was running the pretty ribbon threw to the end of the net and tied with a knot. I wrapped the knot with some twine to hid it as well as catch the ribbon’s end.

What I did to make the bracelet: This one is a fairly simple piece to make. I started by measuring off a piece of gold chain, pom pom trim and rhinestone trim, I knew I was going to fasten it with a big ribbon, so the pieces of trim only overlap a tiny bit when placed around my wrist. I then wrapped the rhinestone trim and gold chain together with doubled-up twine.

Again the twine is heavily knotted at the ends so it doesn’t unwind. Then a cut of a few pieces of elastic thread and tied the pom pom trim to the chain every third link. Finish by threading the pretty ribbon through the ends and tying a big ol knot. Wha-La! What a beautiful mixed media bracelet. Expensive looking but only cost me the pom pom trim. Everything else was laying around the house.