How to Bling Your Heels – Bejeweler Instructions

(Quick Disclaimer….. While this craft does take longer than an hour and could cost you more than $25….. it is definitely worth it!!!  Designer shoes that are similar to these could cost you thousands of dollars. So a few evenings spent adding some bling is a lifesaver to the die-hard fashionista 🙂 Enjoy!) Aren’t these … Read more

10 Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day 2024 – Dealing With Certain Foot Issues

Shoe Inserts for Standing

Standing on your feet all through the day can cause some form of discomfort and pain to the legs or even to the entire human body. There are several ways to get rid of the pain. You can either visit a doctor, who can help you reduce pain with exercises and medication. You can click … Read more

15 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners 2024 – Comfort for Overweight Runners

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

For a while now, heavy and overweight runners have been neglected and left on their own by the big shoe manufacturers as they have all focused on producing shoes for regular athletes. Everything is starting to change as these big names have tasked themselves with producing shoes that would be perfect for heavy people. Best … Read more